An ambition of excellence

To produce great wines on exceptional terroirs means to continue writing a few pages of an illustrious wealth, an almost mystical responsibility towards the work of our ancestors, and one we prepare for generations to come.

It is in this spirit that the teams have worked, inspired by the dynamism of our Maître de Chai. The vinification process is entirely dedicated to revealing the secret relationship between the terroir and the wine grape varietals.

"Offering the quintessence of our vineyards, fruit of the full maturity of our grapes for a phenomenal gustative experience" is the remarkable leitmotiv of this team of young demanding and passionate professionals who audaciously advocate the principle of perpetual questioning as a method of progress.

Today, all are intimately committed to this method which relies on apparently contradictory qualities: an ambition to enable the terroir to express all the subtleties of its potential and humility, and an indispensible feature to practice and maintain the philosophy of "constant quality improvement" which drives the Château Gigognan forward.

Since 2017, the estate is run by a Châteauneuf du Pape wines lover and a new cellar is built. Serving our green approach, this cellar is totally designed about the finest technologic and pratical knowledge in one and only aim:take part to the local dynamic and take care about the Gigognan heritage... while quite rightly obtain the finest wines we have ever produce.