List of wines :

Côtes du Rhône

Pleasure, our Côtes du Rhône wines offer nothing but pleasure. We aim to elaborate pleasant, fresh, and loving wines. These wines come from the marl sand and limestone terroirs surrounding the castle. The Prieuré wines can be enjoyed as red, rosé or white, and, since 2003, our 100% "Cuvée" Viognier with highly aromatic notes.

The wines of the Prieuré :
As a smart blending of southern grapes, this wine reveals a beautiful colour of dark garnet with purple hues and fine aromas of red berries and spices. The ideal wine for daily consumption

Developed essentially using Roussane and Marsanne, this white wine with delicate flower aromas surprises by its balance, its suppleness and its roundness.

A wine of pure finesse and elegance, this lovely rosé with a delicate colour develops aromas of fresh fruit and flowers.