List of wines :

Côtes du Rhône Villages

The plots where our Bois des Moines is grown are located on the high spots of the estate with a full southern exposure.
This terroir is privileged, well-protected by a pine forest on grit soil, which has a greater draining capacity and is ideal for growing high quality grapes.

The dense and intense colour of the Bois des Moines promises a generous wine with powerful aromas of fresh fruit with notes of spices and violet. Produced from the grapes grown on a plot protected by a forest near the castle, this wine benefits from a true interaction between the vegetation of the Provence and vines.
The grapes which compose it (Grenache Syrah, Mourvèdre) confer great complexity to the wine, reminiscent of its illustrious Castel-papal neighbour.
The Appellation of Controlled Origin Côtes du Rhône Villages exists since the 1960s, but Château Gigognan has only produced it since the 1997 vintage.
The wines must have a minimum alcohol content of 12º, and the yield is limited to 42HL/HA. However, our yields remain quite lower than the authorised maximum.
The Bois des Moines is ideal served with game (pheasant, hare or other partridges).